We designed our business to be sustainable from the start. We are fortunate to be a part of an amazing industry - we are considered the leaders and Exmouth WA is considered the best place to swim with whale sharks and the only place where you can see humpback whales and whale sharks in the same time period.* 

The truth is, all of the whaleshark operators work together on tour day. The spotter plane pilots work with the captains of the boats and all of the captains and work together, sometimes even sharing wildlife with each other throughout the day. No tour operator wants you to leave the Ningaloo Reef less than happy with your tour. 

We have no gimmicks. There isn't a 'we are better than them' attitude here. We want to support the other amazing operators because it's the right thing to do. Do we think we run the best tour, yes. Why? The difference between us and everyone else is numbers.

Why do we take fewer people? 

We chose to. We have the same license as everyone else. We do have the ability to get a large boat and run the same tours as everyone else but we chose not for this #1 reason: it's not as sustainable. It's better for the wildlife we interact with, the people on tour with us, and our staff to offer small group tours. 

If you have detailed questions, we would love to be helpful to you. Please go to our contacts page for more details on how to get in touch. We hope to see you and be a part of your special day, creating unforgettable memories with you!

*Note: Humpback whales are migrational animals and every year there usually is a bit of overlap between the two tours but we can never predict the timing, or exactly how long it lasts. We offer specific tours targeting specific animals but the wildlife is completely wild think - African Safari structure.