We are privileged to be awarded a licence to conduct oceanic tours on the Ningaloo Reef. We are surrounded by a pristine and natural environment, prolific marine life and an amazing diversity of fauna and flora. We are proud to partner both with Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef & the Department of Parks and Wildlife in Western Australia in this endeavor. Our aim as a collective group is to conserve the region's natural environment through education and environmentally sound tourism operations.

Actions in our everyday life surround recycling, reusing and reducing. We strive to purchase 'green' products and buy in bulk, reducing packaging. We believe it's the little things, acted upon daily, that leave the largest impact. 

Education plays a large role in our activities throughout the day. Our prime motivation is to open the minds of our guests to the environment of Ningaloo Reef and the Cape Range National Park, and share the importance of our coexistence with nature in this fragile eco system. We do this primarily through our guided oceanic tours. 

Non-renewable Energy Proposal & Increasing Renewable Energy Use Policy

In an effort to minimise the use of non-renewable energy and increase renewable energy use Live Ningaloo has put in place a list of procedures and protocols that shall include:

1.     We aim to purchase goods and services from equally environmentally minded businesses

2.     Throughout the trip Waverider drives slowly and is kept at ‘low revs’ reducing in fuel consumption

3.     The generator is not running during the tours. All electronics are run using the inverter. All electronic equipment shutdown when not in use

4.     Natural light is used where possible both on land and at sea

5.     Air conditioning is only used when absolutely essential

6.     Staff are encouraged to walk or ride to work, with storage provided for bicycles

7.     Group transport in one vehicle for all crew to the boat launching facility

8.     Guests are encouraged to use our complimentary transfers

9.   We aim to only purchase energy efficient appliances for both the office and the vessel if the need arises

10.   At Live Ningaloo we aim to implement environmental offsets to ensure that significant and unavoidable adverse environmental impacts are counterbalanced by positive environmental gain with an aspirational goal of achieving a ‘net environmental benefit’

11.   We aim to minimise the use of hydro-carbon based fuel

12.   Renewable energy initiatives are continually investigated and implemented where possible 

13.   Servicing and maintenance work is carried out regularly

14.   Service and maintenance reports are kept on board

Commitment to Buying Local & Environmentally Friendly Products

Live Ningaloo strives to reduce its environmental impact buy reducing its consumption of harmful products. If possible, Live Ningaloo will purchase an environmentally friendly alternative to any product that has negative environmental impacts.

Wherever possible Live Ningaloo shall purchase local goods and services. This supports the local community and reduces green house gas emissions created when transporting goods. 

Chemical products that we use are kept to a minimum Environmentally Friendly Products that we use include

·      Water and vinegar cleaning solution

·      Vanilla Fresh