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Your Fairy Godmother

Murray and I have been busy toiling over all the details in preparation for our season kick off, MARCH 26th, 2017. Busy and hot days leave us retreating to the air conditioning in the evening for a quiet catch up and lately, the TV show Suits on Netflix. We love it and here’s a dirty little secret: we inadvertently start acting like characters from the shows we watch. The rate of our speech changes, we start using the lingo…let’s just say I’m glad we took a break from Vikings, LOL (literally laughing as I type this).

One of my favourites on Suits is Donna. Hilary Van Eldik reminds me of Donna and if you follow the show at all your mouth is likely agape wondering how someone in real life could be Donna, keep reading. Hilary is the wedding celebrant in Exmouth WA. She’s part Donna, part fairy godmother, and part immaculate hippie. Do those things even go together? In Hilary’s case, yes, and well.

When most people think of weddings, the celebrant is towards the bottom of the list, but I would encourage you to place her at the top. Why? She’s a resource. She even has dedicated most of her web page to other people in the wedding industry in Exmouth, WA and has built and maintained personal contacts all over the world (in true Donna fashion of course).

“It’s a very rewarding job, and it amazes me every time I walk away [from a ceremony thinking] I just married those people.””
— Hilary Van Eldik

Joking aside, she’s more than the character in a TV show, much more. Out of all the couch conversations I’ve had with this blog, Hilary has been the most unexpected. She’s managing continuous personal development, product testing (unveiling soon), weaving thoughtful wedding ceremonies, diving all over the world with her husband and oh yeah, writing a book!

Y’all, I received homemade chai tea upon arrival for this interview, I’m sure there isn’t anything she can’t do :0). If you forget everything else, note this: She reads a room, and people in general exceptionally. Why is this important? She sets the tone of your ceremony.

Think about your wedding day or a wedding you’ve attended. The best celebrants maintain a bit of structure, peppering humour, and should be highlighting the story of the couple and who they are. She’s the best I’ve seen, and she still has a bit of glitter in her eyes when she tells me with glee, “It’s a very rewarding job, and it amazes me every time I walk away [from a ceremony thinking] I just married those people.”

Hilary’s Goal Card:

1.    Finish her book, The Ugliest Man – Expect another blog about her when it drops.

2.    Continue to travel and dive with her husband, recording the locations on their website, A1 Underwater Photography

3.    Unveil the new product she’s testing – I can’t reveal much more but it’s oh so good, again, likely another blog release when it drops.

4.    Support Sam this year in his endeavours. Sam is Hilary’s husband who is the reason she is where she is. She learnt to dive, learnt underwater photography all because of him. He allowed her to ‘go and discover.’ Awwww – super-duper sweet!

The Reveal: Check out the Our Tours tab on our website. If you book a tour in March or May we’ll take 15% off your tour (cannot be combined with other offers).

Please feel free to leave a comment or a question. Check in and cheer us on at [email protected] and don’t forget to share this post if it connects with you.


Murray, Sonia & Live Ningaloo Crew!


The Titbits

“a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.”

Hilary thinks the perfect marriage is one that gives you freedom.

She’s a yoga instructor and uses the training to help her brides and grooms during their ceremony.

Wearing Camilla has become her signature – she always compliments the colours, prints, and theme of the wedding she officiates.

Hilary completed her 100th wedding in 2016!

Hilary spent several years as an executive assistant to Perth’s elite businessmen and businesswomen in a previous life. I KNEW IT! She IS DONNA!!! ;0)

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