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Hair’s Best Friend

When I managed an eco-friendly luxury lodge, Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef, I had the pleasure of getting to know a small group of what I’ve dubbed, “The Wedding Ladies’ of Exmouth. They are a group of tremendous women who have formed a collective helping brides achieve destination wedding of their dreams in Exmouth WA. In the coming weeks, I will be devoting this space to each of them. First on the docket? Brooke, from Salty Locks Hair Studio.

Hair is not my strong suite. I’ve been the big three (red, brunette, and blonde) but styling hair is hard and changing hair stylists, more difficult. When I moved from the States to Australia, I waited nearly a year before getting my hair cut because I was terrified of a bad do’ – who feels me on this? Terrified might be a touch too dramatic, nervous – accurate. I just kept putting it off, even trimmed it up myself with the trusty upside down pony manoeuvre.

Enter Brooke – she was the stylist to a bride who decided to elope to Sal Salis. The lodge is primitive. She was transforming hair in an open-air tent whilst exposed to beach elements. In the end, the hair, and bride looked beautiful. More important, the bride felt beautiful. I decided to take the plunge and give her a go with my locks.

I’m currently platinum thanks to Brooke. I’m in a location that gets slammed by the sun, salt, and calcified water and my hairs are holding up – dare I say it, healthy. How? The product Brooke uses and I buy lol. You can learn all about the cruelty-free awesomeness here: De Lorenzo – big thumbs up from us.

Whilst enjoying a cup of tea for this interview, I asked her what she thinks about Exmouth. “Oh god, I love Exmouth so much! The adventures are never ending. I hope I never lose appreciation for it.” I don’t think she’s in danger of that anytime soon.

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Murray, Sonia & Live Ningaloo Crew!

Photo credits: Blue Media Exmouth & Brooke

The Titbits

“a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.”

Brooke’s Goal Card:

1.     To always more forward, to not get complacent.

2.     To always be appreciative of the beauty we live in, to not take it for granted.

3.     To find joy in everyday things that feed the soul.

4.     To work hard and enjoy working hard. I have a very rewarding job.

5.     To take time for myself.

Brooke’s favourite place in Exmouth: “Wobiri Beach – it’s a beautiful beach that isn’t too far. Turquoise water and you can take a dog there.”

Advice from Brooke if you are moving to Exmouth, “Buy a boat so you don’t feel like you’re in a small town.”

Advice from Brooke if you are visiting Exmouth, ‘Rent a pair of flippers and goggles and to the west side [of the Cape].’

What she likes about the blog, “You need local knowledge on where to go.”

Sunsets are Brooke’s thing – from a very young age, she would sneak onto her parent’s roof in Mundaring (it means, ‘in the hills’) and would watch the sunsets through the trees. Even now, if she’s having a challenging day, a sunset can make all the difference in turning that frown upside down.

She knew she wanted to become a hair stylist from the age of 12 and has proof, “I want to be a hairdresser” is what she proudly belted on film, documented for the camera at her middle school graduation, charmingly I’m sure. :0)

She is thoroughly travelled and has been throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and Baltic countries. She’d love to go to Greece and Canada next.

She finds a large amount of satisfaction in photography, especially when sunsets and wildlife are concerned.

Winston is Brooke’s labradoodle, she calls him, ‘my best buddy.’

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