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Bamboo – Consistency Is Key

I love food, foodie by description just scratches the surface. The love affair started when I was young – I would sometimes ask to stay home from school and used the break to cook. Inspired by hand made recipes – I was making cream puffs and assorted fillings from scratch by age eight unassisted, unsupervised.

When we moved to Exmouth a few years ago, I instantly loved the charm but noticed the small number of eateries to choose from, and it is still something I miss. Opening a brick and mortar restaurant anywhere is tough, but in Exmouth, it can be particularly challenging due to the seasonality flux of visitors. I’m a very lucky woman, however, because Murray can cook, and well. We both stay full and satisfied by our hand making :0).

We are expecting quite a few new ribbon cuttings in coming months; THIS is my year folks, if you follow the blog, you’ll learn about our favourite places, people, and eats. Bamboo is what I’m excited about lately – They offer fresh juices, artisan coffees, fresh salads, and sushi.

I met owners Reon Feutrill & Chicki Downie and learned a heap more during our conversation. Bamboo opened October 2016. Their plan was a soft opening, during the off season before the whaleshark season rush but every time I rock up to the joint, it’s buzzing, sometimes with a line out the door. It’s clear to see; Bamboo is changing the lunch and coffee game in town.

When I asked them how they came to the decision of a restaurant, the friends for coming up on a decade remarked, “We knew sushi, and fresh salads were a good idea. It was a 10-minute decision. We just wanted to have a go.”

I learned the things important to them: fresh food with an Asian twist, they focus authentic Japanese sauces, locally sourced food*, wholesome recipes, employing local staff and environmentally friendly containers for their creations (*Note: Thus sashimi is only offered on specific days).

Consistency is a word Chicki used often – they are genuinely concerned about maintaining a high standard. They are acutely aware that when things get pumping throughout the season, consistency can make or break them. They plan on being the ‘grab and go’ option. Food that is fresh, but fast to pick up for daily adventures to the beach or gorge.

The Goal Card

1.    Consistency, consistency, oh and consistency :0)

2.    Provide healthy food options to Exmouth

3.    Finish strong by completing their first busy season well

I noticed Reon & Chicki are an excellent blend of partnership – Reon was wearing an AC/DC shirt for our interview and was relaxed, happy as a clam where Chicki was the more serious sort. She was unable to relax fully, constantly scanning her pride and joy checking to make sure her staff, customers, and the dogs visiting outside watered.

I’m very much looking forward to getting to know these two throughout the year and grabbing and going with some of my favourites: a London fog, fresh tuna or salmon roll, and fried chicken bites – you’ve got to try the fried chicken…seriously good.

The Reveal: Check out the Our Tours on our website. If you book a tour in the month of May 2017, we buy you a cup of Bamboo Brew ($5 regular coffee per person booked. Offer cannot be combined) – must mention this blog at the time of booking or you won’t score your cup!

Please feel free to leave a comment or a question. Check in and cheer us on at [email protected] and don’t forget to share this post if it connects with you.


Murray, Sonia & Live Ningaloo Crew!

The Titbits

“a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.”

Chicki is super, duper, ferociously shy. Super friendly, but wouldn’t let me take a picture of her for the article :0). You’ll have to pop in to see her.

She is also studying Naturopathy! Her life aim is to help people achieve good health, and she’s certainly doing that through Bamboo!

Reon surfs, loves it and won’t disclose the spot other than to say it’s somewhere near Yardie – good luck finding it surfers!

“Sandra” is the name of the Japanese doll on loan pictured above in the shop. She adds a bit of traditional garb to the trendy vibes.

They compose the scraps from the restaurant – for reals.

Favourite places in Exmouth

Reon – Yardies, for surfing

Chicki – Dunes and Winderabandi Point

Photo Credits: The Lovely Vee with Blue Media Photography

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