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A W.I.S.H. Realised

Working in tourism, I read a fair bit about travel and all things marketing within the industry. The question I see a lot of: Have you ever wanted an island getaway? Well…Have you? I didn’t think that was possible until I met Jim & Kim. This week’s feature is on Wilderness Island in Exmouth WA. It’s an island that is rentable by the week. SAY WHAT?! Yes, you read correctly. Check their website for the types of packages.

Wilderness Island Safari Holidays is the full name of their business. It was created from the word W.I.S.H. because that is exactly what spurred the idea – a wish Jim made when he was lying in a hospital bed in intensive care healing from a paragliding accident. He dreamt of a place, like his favourite book: Robinson Crusoe. He wasn’t expected to live, and he did. He wasn’t expected to be able to walk again, and he does. He was supposed to take it easy the rest of his life; he hasn’t. I would encourage you to watch the video on his website for the full story. It’s more compelling than I could ever write.

The island has been homespun and infused with love over several years which is reflected in the entire place. You won’t get flash, but you will get a comfortable, and memorable stay whilst there. It’s true blue Australian wilderness and is a once in a lifetime experience. The island provides ample opportunity for connection with your loved ones and with the wilderness that surrounds you. It should be on your list of considered accommodation spots when visiting the Western Australia and the Ningaloo Reef.

W.I.S.H.’s Goal Card:

1. Get a declinator. They currently don’t have any fresh water on the island; drinking water is hand carried in on their boat.

2. Jim & Kim want to live on the island year-round and make it their home, similar to a Bed & Breakfast– Stay tuned on this as I’ll likely blog again about their ‘green life adventures’ making this possible.

3. Go completely solar – it’s important for them to continue to push the envelope regarding their sustainability. It makes me think of mother from Swiss Family Robinson seeing her ‘new home’ for the first time.

The Reveal: Check out The Our Tour tab on our website. If you book a tour in March or May 2017 we’ll take 15% off your tour (cannot be combined with other offers, this blog must be mentioned at time of booking).

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Murray, Sonia & Live Ningaloo Crew!

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