SERVICE - Hair's Best Friend

When I managed an eco-friendly luxury lodge, Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef, I had the pleasure of getting to know a small group of what I've dubbed, “The Wedding Ladies’ of Exmouth. They are a group of tremendous women who have formed a collective helping brides achieve destination wedding of their dreams in Exmouth WA. In the coming weeks, I will be devoting this space to each of them. First on the docket? Brooke, from Salty Locks Hair Studio.

Photo credit: Blue Media Exmouth 

Hair is not my strong suite. I’ve been the big three (red, brunette, and blonde) but styling hair is hard and changing hair stylists, more difficult. When I moved from the States to Australia, I waited nearly a year before getting my hair cut because I was terrified of a bad do’ – who feels me on this? Terrified might be a touch too dramatic, nervous - accurate. I just kept putting it off, even trimmed it up myself with the trusty upside down pony manoeuvre.

Enter Brooke – she was the stylist to a bride who decided to elope to Sal Salis. The lodge is primitive. She was transforming hair in an open-air tent whilst exposed to beach elements. In the end, the hair, and bride looked beautiful. More important, the bride felt beautiful. I decided to take the plunge and give her a go with my locks.

I’m currently platinum thanks to Brooke. I’m in a location that gets slammed by the sun, salt, and calcified water and my hairs are holding up – dare I say it, healthy. How? The product Brooke uses and I buy lol. You can learn all about the cruelty-free awesomeness here: De Lorenzo - big thumbs up from us.

Whilst enjoying a cup of tea for this interview, I asked her what she thinks about Exmouth. “Oh god, I love Exmouth so much! The adventures are never ending. I hope I never lose appreciation for it.” I don’t think she’s in danger of that anytime soon.

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Murray, Sonia & Live Ningaloo Crew!

Photo credits: Blue Media Exmouth & Brooke

The Titbits: “a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.”

Brooke’s Goal Card:

1.     To always more forward, to not get complacent.

2.     To always be appreciative of the beauty we live in, to not take it for granted. 

3.     To find joy in everyday things that feed the soul.

4.     To work hard and enjoy working hard. I have a very rewarding job. 

5.     To take time for myself. 

Brooke’s favourite place in Exmouth: “Wobiri Beach – it’s a beautiful beach that isn’t too far. Turquoise water and you can take a dog there.”

Advice from Brooke if you are moving to Exmouth, “Buy a boat so you don’t feel like you’re in a small town.”

Advice from Brooke if you are visiting Exmouth, ‘Rent a pair of flippers and goggles and to the westside [of the Cape].’

What she likes about the blog, “You need local knowledge on where to go.”

Sunsets are Brooke’s thing – from a very young age, she would sneak onto her parent’s roof in Mundaring (it means, ‘in the hills’) and would watch the sunsets through the trees. Even now, if she’s having a challenging day, a sunset can make all the difference in turning that frown upside down.

She knew she wanted to become a hair stylist from the age of 12 and has proof, “I want to be a hairdresser” is what she proudly belted on film, documented for the camera at her middle school graduation, charmingly I’m sure. :0)

She is thoroughly travelled and has been throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and Baltic countries. She’d love to go to Greece and Canada next.

She finds a large amount of satisfaction in photography, especially when sunsets and wildlife are concerned.

Winston is Brooke’s labradoodle, she calls him, ‘my best buddy.’

ART - Making His Mark

I’ve only been in a tattoo parlour once. Terrified, it was sheer 18-year old defiance that sent me there, I was resolved to leave with something and like many teenagers in the early 2000’s I ended up with a newly minted belly button ring. In and out in less than 15 minutes, I didn’t have enough time to take in the art and trade. I grew up going ‘window shopping’ with my dad, I never had the guts to pop back into a shop. I mean, what was I going to say when I walked in, “Oh I don’t really want ink, I just want to look around?”

I was semi-nervous for our meet up because I know NOTHING about tattoos. I did what every nerd in disguise does, Googled it. Time set, coffee in hand, I arrived to meet Danny Escort at the new shop, The Inkin' Occy, located in Exmouth WA in the old arcade building between the hair dresser and laundry mat prepared with loads of technical questions.

Blackwork is Danny's favourite type of tattooing 

From the moment of stepping into the shop, I was put at ease, it was inviting. Art of various mediums placed on every wall. Neat and tidy, tools of the trade were meticulously organised. The room held some nostalgic items but most of the space was taken up by comfortable functional pieces giving it a living room feel. I plopped down on the red loveseat and took it all in. Danny either didn’t notice or was gracious about my gaping jaw - let’s face it folks, tattoos, tattooing, and tattoo artists can be intimidating.

Accommodating to my questions, Danny thoughtfully and carefully painted me a picture of his history. Originally came to Exmouth WA as a photographer, crewing on boats during the whaleshark seasons. He developed a love for the ocean in Exmouth.

The ocean made me fall in love, the desert makes me want to draw.

Tattooing is such a specific career choice, I couldn’t help the, ‘how did you land here’ question. Danny replied simply, "I’ve had an infatuation since I was young. Always loved drawing but didn’t grow up in a home with other artists." I learned he’s a man that’s driven by his passions, very talented, probably could talk with confidence about a myriad of subjects but doesn’t feel very motivated to talk at length about his accomplishments or what he knows, rather, he’s in awe that he’s living the dream and grateful for it.

Whilst in his shop, I saw the ‘Local Legend’ wall. He keeps each piece of sketch that lands on skin. He says, “tattooing is a mutual exchange. I remember each person I’ve tattooed and the experience.” Upon inspection, I realised he’s inking different styles of tattoos. I learnt it’s unusual for a tattoo artist to not have a specialty. Danny says, “Subject matter doesn’t matter. I focus on flow, composition, and execution.” Listening to him speak, I felt like I was chatting with a chilled-out engineer. He is focused, reverse engineering the design taking into account the variables and compensating accordingly to deliver literally a work of art on living canvas.

Tattooing is a mutual exchange. I remember each person I’ve tattooed and the experience.

He’s impressive without the pretentious - a blend between obvious passion and drive but maintains a humbled nature - he is incredibly thankful for his clients that allow him to do what he does and I type verbatim, “doodle.” LOL. Take my word for it, he’s leaving his mark in Exmouth, WA one inking session at a time.

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Murray, Sonia & Live Ningaloo Crew!

The Titbits: “a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.”

Danny has had several of passions over the years. Some of them include: photography, kick boxing, art, footy, and trekking.

Dunes is Danny’s favourite place in Exmouth – it where he ‘found himself’ during a time when he was ‘lost in the world.’ Often he inks a hidden dunes in his pieces.

He doesn’t like his photo taken. When I asked him to provide me with photos for the piece – not a one had his face. Looks like you’ll have to pay him a visit to see the man behind the ink and hat :0).

The Goal Card

1.     Get prepped for a busy season

2.     Expand art work further

3.     Travel with his trade, wants to be able to announce on social media, "I’m headed to (insert place here)" and have worked lined up.

4.     Wants to travel and tattoo in: Antarctica, Canada, Japan, Tonga, & Iceland.

Non-Profit Organisation - Ningaloo Turtle Program has #TurtlePower

When Murray first told me about Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef, one of the memories retold with special warmth was when he stayed up all night to see turtles hatch. Being originally from the Northwest of America, I likened the experience to the bald eagle hatchlings, but that isn’t something you can see up close – eagles nest high and the camera feed through the local news is about as close as you can get to the intimate experience.

Photo Credit: Colin Hutchins

Photo Credit: Colin Hutchins

I had the privilege of being the Cape Conservation Group (CCG) liaison this season with the Ningaloo Turtle Program (NTP) and it was a thrill learning more about this program and the history. Originally developed in 2002 by the Cape Conservation Group, it’s defined as, ‘…a community-based marine turtle monitoring program.’ The NTP has grown and is now managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW). It still very much relies on the partnership between the CCG, donors, and annual volunteers. A group effort – orchestrated over several months.

The turtle season is usually November – February, sometimes into the start of March. NTP largely relies on a structure of local and external volunteers. The external volunteers provide the data from intense monitoring for about a month and the local volunteers provide weekend monitoring on either side of the intense monitoring period.

Turtle Eggs, hatched Photo Credit: NTP

Turtle Eggs, hatched Photo Credit: NTP

The common thread that joins the CCG and NTP is the goal to spread awareness of turtles, conservation, and appropriate turtle conduct. If you have read this far, you might be thinking, ‘We don’t have access to turtles where I live” Well, you’re in luck, #1 – 3 still apply to you!

The Goal Card

1.     Don’t use plastic bags – they look like jellyfish in the water and that is one of the things turtles eat!

2.     Dispose of waste thoughtfully so it doesn’t end up in the water, watch this video for inspiration to give up straws.

3.     Don’t purchase turtle products, think tortoise shell jewelry.

4.     Follow your local code of conduct when viewing turtles – it’s there you will learn, don’t pick up a turtle.

5.     Careful boating – boat propellers make mince meat of turtles insert sad face now.

Want to get involved? Learn how to apply to be a  volunteer or consider donating or becoming a member of the CCG

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Murray, Sonia & Live Ningaloo Crew!

Titbits: "A small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information."

Turtles are considered a 'swimming reef' carrying on a symbiotic relationships with other species.

Turtles are creatures that have been part of the world since dinosaurs.

The NTP experienced an above average season aka heaps of turtle hatchlings. They also saw the most tagged turtles return. According to the return records, some of these turtles had 30 year old tags!

ART - She's Killen' It

She is Killen it… that is the first thing that popped into my head after I saw Eleanor’s webpage. Eleanor’s name is really Eleanor Louise Killen hence, ELK. She has a fresh take on the Ningaloo Reef region and wildlife that deserves notice.

Murray and I have always been huge fans of vintage architectural maps, charts, drawings of wildlife and when I saw her handiwork I knew then I would get a custom piece made for Murray's Christmas box – our challenge each year is to gift something unexpected. A Striped Marlin is both Murray’s favourite fish in the ocean and what he says I would be if I were a fish because, 'They are beautiful, fierce, and particular.'

ELK & Murray's Striped Marlin

ELK & Murray's Striped Marlin

Coming from an environmental management and science background, ELK draws upon that knowledge throughout her design process. 

“If I’m drawing a Marlin, I want to learn about it: it’s life cycle, growth rates, where it lives, what it feeds on, how fishing impacts it, how it behaves after being caught and released etc. I then try to draw all animal species as anatomically correct as possible so that people may learn something about the species when looking at the animal or spur them to research or ask questions about the species.”

One of ELK passions is conservation. She wants to inspire people through her work to ‘…learn about a place, environmental issue or creature…[to] look a bit deeper…’ She achieves this by pairing her work with some information or facts about the subject with the intention that the viewer can learn something while viewing it.

ELK and Whale's Tail

ELK and Whale's Tail

She has recently taken the courage leap and decided to pursue her craft full time. You can find her collection on her website, in Exmouth WA and in a variety of art fairs. She currently is doing commissions, too. We can’t wait to see the new work she’s coming up with in 2017, we hear she’s coming out with a hat and t-shirt range. Ekkkkkk! So excited!

Red Exmouthian Dirt & ELK Card Prints

Red Exmouthian Dirt & ELK Card Prints

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Murray, Sonia & Live Ningaloo Crew!

Titbits: "A small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information."

ELK Favourite Spot in Exmouth – Dunes. She loves to surf and paddle out to the moorings near by. The water is about 10 – 12 metres deep and it’s a killer snorkel spot for inspiration and feeding her soul.

ELK's Goal Card

1.    Leaving an impact by incorporating environmental science / issues into her work 

2.     East Cost Australian Exhibition

3.     International Exhibition