She Captures the Magic
“Let’s go to the dog park,” said the most beautiful Brazilian-born spirit you will ever know. Vee is our blog feature for the week. She’s a tremendous photographer and videographer, founder of Blue Media Exmouth. Vee’s blog finishes our Exmouth wedding collective feature. Describing Vee isn’t hard – she defines ‘warm hug.’ We had been trying to get together
Murray Pattison
  When I met Murray, I was fascinated by his stories of Exmouth WA and the infatuation he had with ‘the little prawn.’ He had an extensive knowledge of the sea, wildlife (African, Australia, sea land, and air creatures), boats, farming, history. He’s an interesting character if you spend the time to listen. Mystified by
Doug McGarvie
Geez oh, peats! The past few weeks have FLOWN. I’ve blinked, and they have disappeared. Murray, myself and the crew are now in full swing swimming with whale sharks and all the other critters the Ningaloo Reef has on offer lately, even seeing orcas! The Ningaloo Reef is turning it on lately, and it’s been
Chris Jansen
Chris Jansen is our photographer for the 2017 whale shark season. Our season is about to start, EKEKEKEKEKKKKKKK on the 26 March and it seemed fitting to highlight the Live Ningaloo crew for anyone interested. When I asked Chris how he came here – I received a chronological account from when he met Kerry, his lovely
A W.I.S.H. Realised
Working in tourism, I read a fair bit about travel and all things marketing within the industry. The question I see a lot of: Have you ever wanted an island getaway? Well…Have you? I didn’t think that was possible until I met Jim & Kim. This week’s feature is on Wilderness Island in Exmouth WA. It’s an island
Your Fairy Godmother
Murray and I have been busy toiling over all the details in preparation for our season kick off, MARCH 26th, 2017. Busy and hot days leave us retreating to the air conditioning in the evening for a quiet catch up and lately, the TV show Suits on Netflix. We love it and here’s a dirty
Styling the Stars
I’m a layman writer. Not particularly gifted, but passionate. I construct stories, and for me, that usually starts word association, now referred to as a hashtag. There are a lot of buzz words that I can think of when I think of Jessica Ogden-Barry, she oozes individuality. Jess is the owner and stylist of Salt &
Hair's Best Friend
When I managed an eco-friendly luxury lodge, Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef, I had the pleasure of getting to know a small group of what I’ve dubbed, “The Wedding Ladies’ of Exmouth. They are a group of tremendous women who have formed a collective helping brides achieve destination wedding of their dreams in Exmouth WA. In
Bamboo - Consistency Is Key
I love food, foodie by description just scratches the surface. The love affair started when I was young – I would sometimes ask to stay home from school and used the break to cook. Inspired by hand made recipes – I was making cream puffs and assorted fillings from scratch by age eight unassisted, unsupervised.
Making His Mark
I’ve only been in a tattoo parlour once. Terrified, it was sheer 18-year old defiance that sent me there, I was resolved to leave with something, and like many teenagers in the early 2000’s I ended up with a newly minted belly button ring. In and out in less than 15 minutes, I didn’t have