About Us

After hearing guests tell us their experiences on marine tours felt touristy and humdrum, we knew we could do better. Live Ningaloo was created to bring a tailored and individual touch to tours of the authentic Ningaloo Reef.

Swimming with Whale Sharks…and more!

There is really nothing that compares to swimming with Whale Sharks in the crystal blue waters off Exmouth. It’s often described as one of Western Australia’s most iconic tourist experiences, offered between April and July each year. But Whales Sharks aren’t the only wildlife you will see on the Ningaloo Reef, a World Heritage Marine Park located off the coast of Western Australia. It’s a biodiversity hotspot with over 300 types of coral, 500 species of fish, more than 600 different types of molluscs, sea stars, urchins, manta rays, dugongs, marine turtles, blue whales, minke whales, orcas, dolphins and more that make the marine park their home.

A magical destination

Ningaloo Reef is an incredible destination throughout the year, with different things to see or do around Exmouth according to the time of your visit. From around the start of April until the end of July is the time of the year we call Whale Shark season. This is when the magnificent Whale Sharks migrate south to the ocean around Exmouth and linger to feed on phytoplankton that is attracted to the spawning coral of the reef. In these months, you can join our tour to swim with Whale Sharks and experience these incredible creatures up close.

Humpback Whale tours

From 1 August to 31 October this year, we will again be offering Humpback Whale swimming tours. Live Ningaloo is lucky to be one of a few selected professional tours operators that have been licenced to trial swimming with Humpbacks again this year. If you would love the experience of swimming in the ocean with these magnificent mammals, who have just recovered from endangered status, this is the time to do it. New in 2017, we introduced a half day Ningaloo Marine Life Viewing and Snorkelling Tour, for those seeking to view the whales from the comfort of our vessel before enjoying a snorkel among the abundant marine life of the Ningaloo lagoon.

Educating and Delighting

At Live Ningaloo, our core values are sustainability and education. We proudly declare ourselves ‘Eco Warriors’ who are passionate about helping our guests discover the wonders of Ningaloo Reef Marine Park in a way that both teaches and delights. You’ll leave our tours not only having seen sights that only the Ningaloo Reef can offer but understanding the delicate balance that lies beneath the surface of our ocean. Our wish is that you won’t just create unforgettable joyous memories of experiencing our unique marine park and its lifeforms, but be inspired to make changes in your habits and educate others to protect our world oceans and environments in the long term.

Small group tours

We have made a conscious choice to only run small group tours for a maximum of ten guests. We believe this is a more sustainable way to interact with the delicate reef and its wildlife. It’s also better for our guests, who get a more personalised experience, and our staff who have the time to share their incredible knowledge and passion with you. You’ll never be just another number on our tours! Running our tours in small groups also means we can be more flexible and nimble. With only 10 guests to get in and out of the ocean, we can respond quickly to reports of Whale Shark and Humpback sightings from our spotter plane. This gives you a better chance of swimming with these magnificent creatures and means you get to spend a much longer part of your tour in the water. Unlike larger tour providers, we don’t need to rotate groups to comply with licence conditions for swimming with Whale Sharks (maximum of 10 participants at a time). We’ll make sure your tour gives you the best possible opportunity to see wildlife up close. Find out about our most popular small group tours:

Accredited Tourism Operators

Live Ningaloo joins other leading Australian tourism operators in displaying the accreditation tick. This tells you that our business has met specific criteria to ensure we are committed to exceeding your expectations with great customer service and the highest standards of business practice.

Meet the team

Sonia and Murray are the founders of Live Ningaloo, a company that was born from their love of marine life and passion for introducing people to it! They are joined by a passionate hand-picked crew including marine ecologist Katie, deckhand Doug, photographer Chris, and Ash who helps us in the office. What each member of our team has in common is a love for our beautiful ocean environment and an enthusiasm for sharing amazing experiences with our guests.


Acknowledgement of Country

Live Ningaloo would like to recognise and acknowledge the Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of the land and sea.